What is the work?

Being clear is the work of always knowing what we’re doing, with who and why and how we’re doing it. And How To Be Clear is a systematic way to do that. 

For individuals, it means keeping our inner life clear - and our relationship with everyone and everything. Knowing our life’s work, being able to devote ourselves to it in each thing we do.

For organisations, it means being clear about:

  1. what each person is working on (and why/if it serves them and the project as a whole)

  2. what commitments have been made (and how clear and whole-hearted they are)

  3. whether anything is standing in the way of the work (and what can be done to get past it)

  4. how to keep clear from the beginning of a project to its end (knowing how to get your ideas clear, how to make clear deals and how to clear the path for the work).

Being clear is a very, very simple practice and it can be repeated for any project. It ensures focus (getting the idea clear), flexibility (clearing a path through conflict) and flow (making clear deals and building clear teams). It is work you can do by yourself. Or you can have someone lead you through it.

And, as our world and our work grows ever more complex, being clear is becoming ever more vital. I see 'being clear' becoming a routine requirement of how we go about our work. That if you're setting out to do some work, then you know that will entail some 'clearing' - in the same way you'd expect it to include some budgeting and some time-management and so on. 

And I see more and more people doing that clearing for themselves - looking out for old, stuck stories; getting their ideas clear, getting the deals they make with people really, really clear. 

And I see more and more people getting support from people trained in this work of clearing. Like a coach or a therapist, but specialising in this one practise. 

Imagine the busy CEO who meets up with his or her clearing coach once a fortnight to check in:

  • Are your ideas clear?

  • Are you clear yourself?

  • Are your commitments clear?

And going through them systematically. 

“Ah, ok - so this week there's been some resistance around feeling responsible for everything and not really powerful enough to tackle it.”
“Ok, let's clear those up.” 

“And my new project still feels a bit ill-defined.”
“No problem. We can get that clear.” 

“And - my team is really up for helping me, but the roles aren’t quite clear.”
“Of course. Sure. Let’s get those clear”

Where at the end of the session you'd be able to say:
“Yes. The unclear things I brought are clear now". 

And I can see doing that work becoming one of those expected parts of being a professional: iron your shirts, do your accounts, organise your time effectively - and keep your work and yourself and your commitments clear. 

And, if you'd like to, you can learn it now. You can get some support with it now