How to be clear

If you want to learn to be clear by yourself, everything is available to read on Medium.
If you'd like some support, then you can join an online course, book some individual help - or build a programme for your organisation.


The Clear Course

Once a month I run a course in being clear. Over four weeks I teach six people everything I know about how to be clear.

If you're clear about what you're doing, it's easier to focus.
If you're clear about where you're stuck, it's easier to be flexible.
If you're clear about what you've agreed with someone, it's easier for things to flow.

And this is the promise of the course: more focus, more flexibility and more flow.

You can read more about past courses here.

“I’m pretty certain Charles needs no testimonials, but I had my monies worth just from the first session of his course. So if you need help with getting clear on something specific, or just knowing how to get clear on things in the future: do it.” - Nick Stevens, The Big Building, Groningen


Clear leadership

I offer individual support to anyone who needs to get clearer about what they are doing and how to get it done. 

This takes the form of Clear Days, where we meet and unravel everything that needs unravelling - from a life's work to office politics, from to do lists to relationships. 

Or I offer remote support through monthly or quarterly Clear Calls. Calls normally last around 90 minutes and are good for clearing, typically, one major issue at a time.

If you are interested in getting some help, get in touch and we'll talk about it.

"I came away from the day with a clear and easy to use process to explore and test what it is that motivates a person (be it myself or someone I am trying to help)... I have successfully used the process to understand myself and my motivations better. I have also shared the process with a number of other people, and without exception they have found it easy to use and insightful.'' - Professor John D. Kelleher, Dublin Institute of Technology



Working with a team of clearers, experienced in coaching, consultancy and organisational transformation, we design and deliver programmes to make work more purposeful, more enjoyable and more effective.

This normally combines support for senior management and skills development for teams.

The benefits include greater employee engagement, greater clarity (and therefore efficiency) in new projects and more skilful decision-making and negotiation.

Get in touch for more information on our Building Clear Teams programme.

“Our session together gave me the clarity I've been searching for all year.” - Laurence McCahill, Co-founder, The Happy Startup School