On being clear.

Those days where everything flows. 
Those things you do that feel so natural they kind of do themselves. 
Those partnerships where, somehow, it's all just effortless.

How do they happen? 

For a long time I collected clues - those one-liners and motivational posters that hint at there being a way to work that... works.

But they'd only hint at it. They'd never say:

"Right. This is how things are. This is how things work. This is what you can do - and this is why it works."

I wanted to find a way to work that worked for everyone. And to be able to explain it to everyone. Start to finish:

This is how ideas work. 
This is how to work with intuition. With passion.
This is how two creative people can work together without killing each other.
This is what you do when things have gone off course.

I was looking for a way to work. And I found one.

A way of being clear about what I'm doing (and why and how).
A way to clear a path when the way ahead is blocked.
A way to work with other people. That actually works.

And it's not a magic, hidden secret. 
Everything I've written about it, I've put on Medium.

And I made some very-easy-to-use packs of cards that make things clearer.

And, since last autumn, I've started running online courses - 12 people at a time - where I teach everything I know about how to be clear.

(And without the people who taught me, I'd have nothing to offer.)

Also, for anyone who would like help with getting clear, I offer one-to-one time.

So, have a look around. 
And, if you'd like to, get in touch.

For now,