You are a theatre company. A design company. A major corporation. An activist group. And you need to know how to work together. 

You are an artist. An entrepreneur. A parent. A teacher. You need to know what you're doing.

And - whoever you are - you need to know who you are. What matters to you. How you make decisions and why. 

And, often, it can all feel a bit random. There might be job titles or plans or habits or long-held ambitions or... anything and everything. But what about clarity?


The most beautiful news is that it is possible to be clear. To know who you are and what you are doing and how to work with other people to get it done.

The even more beautiful news is that it is, fundamentally, very simple. Nothing mysterious. Nothing advanced. Just a few simple ways of approaching things.


When you want to be clear about you're doing, you need to know how to make your ideas clearer. What ideas are and how they work. How to work with them.

When you want to work well with others, you need to know how commitments work. How to make clear deals that are true. When to take charge and when to surrender. 

When you want to work well with yourself, you need to understand what you stand for. What you are holding on to. And, when you want to do something new, what that means for all the things you are already holding on to.

And this is what I teach.

I write about it on Medium. I teach it as an online course. If you'd like me to help you get clear, you can book a call or a whole day. And if you want to do it yourself, you can buy a pack of cards.